We Are TogetherMade

The most unlikely success stories start with something so simple, something we say a thousand times, to a thousand people every day: “Hello.”

The storied careers of our most iconic professional heroes, even those we call “self-made”, prove time and again that fleeting, seemingly random chance encounters can change the course of a career.

With Eight, we’re introducing a simple way to stay connected to every happenstance connection that may one day prove so valuable to your own professional success. Eight is designed and powered with the belief that anyone has it in their cards to come from wherever they are and achieve the extraordinary.

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Gul Panag is #TogetherMade

As she reflects on her storied success, actress and adventurer Gul Panag can recall with absolute clarity the chance encounters that gave her a career so many only dream to have. In the moment, they were only fleeting, happenstance connection that could have so easily been missed.

"I think you have to protect these moments, you have to appreciate every person who turns a corner to meet you where you are.”

This is her #TogetherMade story.

Protect Every Contact

A person you meet in passing might later be someone who gives you a new opportunity or a faster, better way to get ahead. With Eight, simply scan a business card and it will be instantly digitized and saved.

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Cultivate Your Connections

Don’t let your professional contacts lay scattered on your desk or across various devices and platforms. After scanning your cards, you’ll have a seamless, secure way to chat, share updates and receive notifications that keep your connections current.

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